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Mari Edwards Bailey

I was born and raised in Hawaii in a house filled with music and laughter, crafts and books, cats and bunnies, and a whole lot of love.  I learned to be creative at an early age.  My Dad was an amazing ukulele player who developed his own unique style while Mom was the most awesome seamstress and, in the evenings, her hands were always busy with a crochet hook or embroidery needle.

My first big inspiration was Rod McKuen and I decided I’d grow up to be a poet.  But then I discovered Vincent Van Gogh and knew I had to be an artist.  Somewhere along the way I figured out I could do both.  While attending the University of Hawaii’s art program I published poetry in four literary magazines and had my art shown in three different juried shows.  But after two years at U of H, “island fever” struck me and I headed for California.

I took a course at a broadcasting school and followed that by working as a deejay, a newsperson, and a television control operator.  I enrolled at San Jose State University where I eventually earned a BA in Creative Arts with a minor in writing.  By that time I had sold my first short story to a magazine, and followed it up with 51 more, plus three novels, and a lot of articles.

My life-long love of animals led me to take an on-line course for a Veterinary Assistant program, although I have yet to work in that field.  I have patched up a number of neighborhood cats injured in fights and done a lot of spay/neuter/release work in an attempt to keep the overpopulation from becoming even worse.

These days I mostly do art and crafts.  I sell at shows, take special orders, and have an etsy store.  Please visit: etsy.com/shop/maribailey
There isn’t a lot there yet, but keep checking because I intend to add many more items very soon.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering what happened to my writing dreams, I have two books in the works: a biography of my Dad called “The Ukulele Man of Hawaii,” and a novel about one of my heroes, John Lennon.

I now live with the world’s best boyfriend, four amazing cats and two adorable bunnies named Paul and Linda.  I love listening to music, especially by The Beatles.  And one of these days, as soon as I have some free time, I hope to re-start my ukulele lessons.

You can reach me at: imagine909jl@msn.com

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